We manufacture and distribute a variety of customizable CBD and Alt-Cannabinoid products. We utilize all-natural ingredients to create innovative products that support a wide range of wellness functions. Our team of formulators, brand developers and production experts offer an abundance of resources in the CBD industry.

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The the industrial hemp industry is booming! Millions of consumers all over the world are discovering and experiencing the benefits of CBD edibles and topicals. These products and their benefits to health and wellness are becoming more well established with each passing year of research.

Our extensive selection of CBD products represents the culmination of hard work and years of experience in the dietary supplement manufacting and cosmetic industries. We have a huge variety of customizable private label supplements and the highest volume bulk private label CBD products in the industry.

As your partner, we are committed to building relationships with each and every one of our clients and look forward to helping you build a successful CBD brand!

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Why do millions of supplement brands commit us to all their private label supplement manufacturing needs?

Our expert Private Label and White label supplement manufacturers excel in driving complex suspensions and offer existing formulas and tailored concepts. When we get your finalized and tested concept, our internal expertise will begin the process to transfer your product to full-scale production and into a finished supplement. If you have a tested idea, we will assist you to shift your ideas to completed supplement formulation and assessment of manufacturing of your Private label supplements.

When you plan to begin the full-scale production of supplements, we will be your one-stop dependable source to all your supply chain, manufacturing & product development.

Private Label Supplement Manufacturer


We offer a seamless turnkey process for those seeking Private Label Supplements. We can be involved in as much or as little of the process as needed. We can take you from sourcing your raw material all the way to branding, marketing and sales. We are in the business of putting you in the position to succeed in the liquid supplement industry. Contact us today to get started with a free consultation.

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Your Liquid Supplement Brand Brought To Life

We have the capabilities to manufacture any kind of liquid supplement formula. We take care from ingredient sourcing in your supplement formula to post-filling inspection. As a leading liquid supplement manufacturer, we have the experience to formulate a brand-new private label liquid supplement to reach your target group. We will be the partner who will be working for your long-term private label liquid manufacturing success.

Private Label Supplements

As the premier full spectrum white label supplements & private label supplement manufacturer, we focus on making your selling as easy as possible and can be involved with as much or as little of the process you would like! Our exceptional customer service reps give you the full support you need to easily run your supplement business. The Emerald Corp high quality products are sourced from only the finest ingredients and made naturally for quality. All of our private label liquid supplement products are made in the USA. We provide the highest quality, tested, pure, perfect full spectrum hemp oils and full spectrum oils and products that you and your customers deserve.


What are Private Label Supplements?

Private label supplements are defined as supplement products that are manufactured by one company and marketed by another company. This arrangement can benefit brands as they can use a truly flexible and innovative way of widening the reach of their products. They remain in charge at all times, while deciding the level of involvement of the private label supplement company. They can choose to have the private label supplements company involved at every stage of the marketing campaign or use their services to achieve success for their brand in the best possible way.

What is a Supplement Manufacturer?

A supplement manufacturer makes and markets supplements designed to provide your body the nutritional elements needed to make you feel healthy and fit. A private label supplements manufacturer helps manufacturers propel their brand ahead to the next level while ensuring flexibility in terms of the level of involvement and participation in the brand-building strategy. The brand manufacturers get the freedom to decide the extent of involvement of the brand experts in the areas of sourcing, branding, and even marketing and sales areas. It’s a win-win arrangement for all concerned.

How to create private label supplements

Brands keen to work with Emerald Corp and create their private label supplements can do so easily. You can speak to our team to get a clear idea of the process and the steps involved. Alternatively, you can create your own supplements using the private label supplement builder tool.

How much does it cost to private label supplements

The cost of creating private label supplements will depend primarily on the quantity to be produced. If you need a large quantity, you will be able to save more. Please use the private label supplement builder tool to generate a quote by providing all the input requested. This will give you a fair idea of the costs involved.

How to create your own private label supplements

Anyone can create their own supplements using our user-friendly private label builder tool. The private label supplements tool allows full customization of supplements in terms of size, design, ingredients, and many other aspects. You just have to provide the information requested and answer a few relevant additional questions. It is the simplest way of creating a unique private label supplement.

How to sell private label supplements

Emerald Corp offers a number of options for selling private label supplements after you have created one using our tool. There are safe and established marketplaces such as Amazon and similar sites for selling private label supplements. However, we can also create a powerful online shop for supplement brands. These stores are unique as they are customized to offer the best benefits based on the unique needs of companies and their audience.

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