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About Us

The Emerald Corp is a vertically integrated manufacturer of branded and private label products in the holistic health market. We specialize in Cannabinoid Sciences and offer a wide array of CBD infused products. In our bid to get these undeniably therapeutic products to even more final consumers, we're also in the business of helping new and upcoming brands fine-tune their branding through our white label program. We don't just send you our products and get you out of the way, however. We also offer in-depth guidance and assistance with formula sourcing and brand development, to ensure that in the end you're set you up for unmitigated success.

Working With The Emerald Corp

Our operations at The Emerald Corp are based squarely on three immutable properties - flexibility, innovation, and verticality. We aim to provide you with all you need, through a scalable program that puts YOU in charge, while we handle things behind the scene on your behalf. An implication of this is that you get to determine our level of involvement in your operations. If you want us to be there with you right from the conceptual stages to your marketing campaigns, that is exactly what we will provide. And if your wishes do not extend that far, we stay with you as far as you want, ensuring that you are well placed in the best possible path towards attaining unfettered success.

Why Choose
The Emerald Corp?

At The Emerald Corp, we have an appetite for innovation, which consequently sets us in a constant mood to stand out and maintain our status as one of the premier outfits in the industry. Below are some of the benefits you get to enjoy on The Emerald Corp that you'll barely find elsewhere:

Easy to Use Customer

Here at The Emerald Corp, our emphasis is just about geared towards convenience as it is on efficiency, which is why we offer a comprehensive customer portal to track your status. And what's even more impressive is that our portals manage to be, at the same time, simple enough to navigate without having to waste an entire day figuring out the intricacies of the system.


At The Emerald Corp, we operate a vertically integrated operation chain for even more efficiency. You can rest assured that there is not a moment wasted, or an ounce of quality sacrificed in attempts to outsource a key stage of production to another firm. From seed to sale, The Emerald Corp us in full control of our supply chain.

All inclusive Private Label program With brand Development

Our supplement manufacturing transcends mere superficial partnerships. We offer a seamless, turnkey process where you remain in charge while we provide you with the best the holistic health market has to offer. Our level of involvement in your process is entirely up to you. While we're absolutely confident in our team of branding experts and their ability to propel your brand to the next level, we're also mindful of your wishes. This is why, ultimately, the final point of our participation can range from sourcing, branding, and even extend up to marketing and sales. Again, you always remain in charge.

Innovations in Proprietary Liquid Supplement Formulation

In addition to our business operations, we ensure that our watchword of innovation extends to our actual formulation practices. And this is why our liquid supplements are constantly synthesized using innovative and effective formulas that guarantee maximum efficacy.

Manufacturing Facility

Our supplements, as mentioned earlier, are synthesized through innovative formulas that guarantee maximum efficacy. And what's more, we do this in a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility that boosts of a GMP certification, 2 ISO 9001 Certified clean rooms, and remains one of the best around.

Industry Leading Compliance Efforts

Constantly seeking to evolve and innovate, at The Emerald Corp we never stop in our quest to test and better ourselves, all the while being in full compliance with the standard industry practice guidelines. Our array of compliance certifications include a coveted GMP certification, 2 ISO 9001 Certified clean rooms, and loads of third-party testing on both raw materials and finished products.

Our Competitive Edge

The supplement industry is booming! Millions of consumers all over the world are experiencing the benefits of dietary supplements and topicals. These products and their benefits to health and wellness are well established. Our extensive selection of products represents the culmination of hard work and years of experience in the dietary supplement and beauty industries. We have a huge variety of customizable products and the highest volume capacity in the industry.

Our Process

The Emerald Corp is here to help YOU take advantage of our competitive edge through a turnkey process that is as simple as it is effective. First we help you design your own packaging through a comprehensive range of design options, then you choose your formula before going on to develop your final strategy. Finally, you can then proceed to put that strategy in place as you reach out to potential customers. Again, you should be rest assured that we are here to stay with you all through the process, though as noted earlier, we offer a good amount of flexibility in our involvements – all determined by you.

Design your packaging

Choose your formula

Developer your strategy

Find new customers

Start your business

Our Team

At The Emerald Corp, we believe that it is the people that matters most. And why not? There is no denying that the success of a company is fully determined by those who are a part of that company. This is where here at The Emerald Corp, we employ a people-oriented approach in all our endeavors. This involves building and fostering a conducive work environment where ideas are freely exchanged, and constant innovation is birthed on a regular. We also ensure that, all through our verticals, we work with the best of the best in the industry.

Michael Garcia

Co-Founder / CEO

Stevens Adonis

Co-Founder / COO

Cheskal Zupnick

Co-Founder / CFO

Joel Zupnick

Chief Creative Officer

Danielle Clark

Chief Of Staff

Dr. Talha Parveez

Senior Formulator

Ken Key

Chief Marketing Officer

Justin Mistretta

Director of Operations

Nathan Urena

Warehouse Manager

Our Brands

All our products here at The Emerald Corp are sourced from organic ingredients only. We also ensure that they are all made naturally, so as to ensure the highest level of safety and quality. We provide pure, perfect, full spectrum help oils and full spectrum CBD, all of which are made with love here in the United States of America.
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