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Private Label Balm / Salve

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CBD Balms 

Discover the best CBD balm formulas available with the leading CBD balm manufacturer. You have to make a difficult choice as we have quality CBD available in full spectrum, isolate, broad spectrum, and ultra broad. 

Private Label CBD Balms

We offer optimal private label CBD balms that soothe the skin and reduce stress. If you plan to provide a complete set of CBD-infused topical or cosmetic products, our private label CBD balms are an essential add-on to your CBD product offerings.

About Balm Manufacturing

We provide private label CBD balm manufacturing. So if you’re searching for an innovative CBD balm manufacturer providing private label CBD balms that are concentrated and formulated into beneficial formulas, you are in the right place.

Private label CBD balm manufacturing is keeping up with the demand of people wanting to add CBD balms to their lifestyle. If you want to know more about private label CBD balm manufacturing and expand into this growing area of CBD balms, we are here to help. From idea to production to CBD private label balm manufacturing, we’re part of your team to help you make it happen with as little or as much involvement as you wish. 

How It Works

CBD Balm Formulations

Combine our CBD available in full spectrum, isolate, broad spectrum, and ultra broad with another beneficial element and create something beneficial to a lot of CBD consumers. Our expert team knows how to help you create a successful blended private label product.

CBD Balm

CBD balms have grown in popularity and need to be on the shelf in your cannabis retail business. CBD balms travel well and do not enter your bloodstream. 

CBD Balm Manufacturing

We have a start of the art manufacturing facility where we can meet the demand. We practice under-promising and over-delivering to not only meet your expectations but to exceed them.

Your CBD balm formula?

Our expert team collaborates with you to create your unique private label CBD balms. Many people are becoming more aware of the benefits of the concentration and delivery of CBD balms. As a result, the demand for quality private label CBD balm manufacturing is increasing. 

Benefits of CBD Balms

CBD balms help heal and revitalize your skin. It’s also gentle enough to use on your face and entire body. Additionally, CBD balm can also help to soothe and relax sore muscles. CBD balm is a top-rated product in the cannabis industry. Topical CBD Balms focus their relief specifically on the area to which they are applied. The skin will absorb topical CBD products without entering the bloodstream. The amount and strength of CBD in the balm will determine the level of pain relief provided.

Private label CBD Balms are perfect for moisturizing, reducing puffiness and redness in the face, eliminating acne, and smoothing your flaky skin. Turn back the clock on your skin with private label CBD balms to enjoy healthier-looking skin.  

Choosing Your CBD Balm Manufacturer

Our private label CBD balm is available in five different amounts of CBD and two different scents; peppermint and natural. We have a large cGMP-certified facility and an experienced team that can handle all demand levels. We offer options and flexibility with your decision-making and are involved as much or as little as you prefer. Discover scalability, label and packaging options, design freedom, and more.

Our experienced team can develop complex R&D, formulation, formats, and other tasks with complete transparency from start to finish. 


As a private label CBD balm manufacturer, we understand and take care of all of the details. So if you’re passionate about CBD balms but don’t understand it all, it’s okay; our team does.

Additional information


Isolate, Full Spectrum, Broad Spectrum, Ultra Broad Spectrum


None, Peppermint


500mg, 1000mg, 1500mg, 2500mg, 3500mg

Packaging Option (Choose One)

2oz Plastic Jar (Clear Glass / Black Cap), 2oz Plastic Jar (Amber Glass / Black Cap)

135 reviews for Private Label Balm / Salve

  1. Kevin B. (verified owner)

    Emerald Corp’s Private Label Salve is now a staple in my daily routine. And their team’s professionalism made the experience even better.

  2. Samantha N. (verified owner)

    The Balm from Emerald Corp is amazing! It provides quick relief and the customer service was superb. Highly recommend! 👌

  3. Jason P. (verified owner)

    Emerald Corp’s Private Label Balm has been a game-changer for me. The product is excellent, and their team was incredibly helpful.

  4. Peter G. (verified owner)

    The Salve from Emerald Corp is a godsend. It works wonders and the customer service was top-notch.

  5. Sophie L. (verified owner)

    Working with Emerald Corp has been a pleasure. Their Balm is effective and their team was very supportive throughout the purchase.

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What is private label salve/balm?

Private label balm and salve is a skincare formulation that acts as a soothing balm for your skin. It is made of 100 percent natural ingredients sourced from the best resources in the country. As they are made using certified and naturally derived ingredients, they are safe and may be highly effective on your skin. Our private label balm and salve is designed for all skin types.


The Emerald Corp private label salve or balm is available in isolate, full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, and ultra broad-spectrum types. We offer our private label balm and salve in plain and peppermint scent and various strengths.  


Our specialized private label formulation has been carefully designed for optimum comfort that may aid you with keeping your skin feeling and looking great at all times. The leading experts in this field develop our extensively researched private label formulations. The aim is to provide soothing relief from various skin conditions. 


Emerald Corp private balm and salve is better than other similar brands available. Unlike chemical-based balms, our private label product may offer a better experience without adverse effects. It may provide long-term relief and is affordable too.

How do I purchase private label balm and salve?

We have made it convenient for our customers to order our private label and white label salve and balm. You can buy it both online and offline. We have many distributors across the United States to make it convenient for you to order our private label supplements, including private label balm or salve. If you prefer buying our private label brands online, you can visit our website.


Log on to The Emerald Corp website and visit our online shop to find our catalog of all the private label formulations developed by our top-ranked experts. You can enter the brand in the search box to locate the private label product you want to buy even faster. 


At Emerald Corp, we are committed to providing all our valued customers a hassle-free buying experience when you shop for our private label supplements, including private label balm/salve. 

Some of our customers prefer to retail the brand and place bulk orders. If you are interested in buying a larger volume of our private label balm/salve, please register with us as a member and benefit from the exclusive member pricing benefits that we offer on all our products.

Why is The Emerald Corp the best private label balm/salve manufacturer?

As the leading private label balm or salve manufacturer, we take great pride in the quality and consistency of our product. Our private label product is popular among many users to apply to their skin that may assist with skin problems because it contains only 100 percent organic ingredients. Thanks to our manufacturing processes and third-party lab testing, we guarantee quality-controlled production and pure ingredients. 


The Emerald Corp never compromises on quality. We buy all the raw materials we need for our private label formulations from vetted sources. The Emerald Corp has developed a solid network of reliable suppliers. They grow the ingredients in the United States. You can be sure that the private label products you buy from us are 100 percent pure and made in the USA. We do not depend on any external sources to buy our raw materials. That’s why we can vouch for the efficacy and quality of our private label brand.


The Emerald Corp is also proud of our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, where we make all our private label formulations using stringent quality control methods. We have the latest equipment and technology to create the best private label balm/salve that you and your customers would love to buy and use again and again. 


We also are proud recipients of the coveted cGMP certification. Our two ISO 9001 clean rooms further establish our claim to be one of the country’s best private label manufacturing facilities. We also run multiple third-party tests on our raw materials procured from others and the finished private label products. 


Shop with confidence to obtain consistently high-quality private label balm to offer your customers a popular private label product used year-round.