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Private Label CBD Chocolate

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About Private Label CBD Chocolate Supplements

We’ve always turned to chocolate desserts to celebrate or even make us feel better. Chocolate stands alone strongly! This combination may soon become as popular as the brand that created peanut butter and chocolate! As the popularity of private label CBD chocolate supplements continues to rise, CBD chocolate manufacturers are going to be even busier!

Our delicious high-potency chocolate bar with CBD is an indulgent tasting treat. The powerful combination of chocolate and CBD has therapeutic properties and is a perfect pairing. This amazing duo can give you a much-needed break or a little self-care. As a leading private label CBD chocolate manufacturer, we are learning that our CBD chocolate supplement is the best delivery of CBD for individuals who do not like using CBD oils or the taste of other CBD edibles. 

How Private Label CBD Chocolate Manufacturers Work

Private Label CBD Chocolate Formulations

This edible chocolate CBD has a delicious taste and is an innovative choice to be savored. Our chocolate CBD edible is a premium choice for chocolate supplements. Enjoy our various chocolate treats infused with CBD! Private labeling our CBD chocolate formulations allows you competitive pricing and an opportunity to increase revenue while providing your consumers with one of the best and most in-demand edible CBD products on the market today.

Private Label CBD Chocolate Supplements

Chocolate infused with CBD; we’re not sure it gets much better than this! Just when you thought you had your shelves fully stocked with private label CBD products, this innovative white label CBD chocolate or private label CBD chocolate is one for you to add! Satisfy your sweet tooth and let yourself have a well-deserved break with our CBD chocolate. 

Private Label CBD Chocolate Manufacturers

The Emerald Corp provides quality assurance on all processes from cocoa bean to bar and seed to sale using high-quality farming and harvesting processes along with manufacturing in a GMP-certified facility. So, for your discerning customers, add CBD chocolate and meet this growing consumer demand.

Your private label CBD chocolate supplements

While there are a lot of CBD edible choices, and if you’re like us, we didn’t expect it to get any better. However, our CBD chocolate formula is quickly becoming one of our most popular choices among CBD users. So add our private label CBD chocolate to your store today.

Benefits of private label CBD chocolate supplements

If you’re among those who didn’t think anything could get any better than chocolate, you obviously haven’t tried our CBD chocolate. Not only is it tasty, it combines two great things – chocolate and CBD. So embrace this in-demand combination and see for yourself that this may just be better than chocolate. 

Choosing your private label CBD chocolate manufacturers

We provide clear labeling with our products, so you don’t have to guess what’s inside. Count on domestic CBD grown organically, meeting strict rules and guidelines, and harvested at the optimal times. The Emerald Corp has a solid track record for integrity and quality. 

Order now and get some extra to stash for a bad day! Take good care of yourself and those you love. Our ordering process is easy and hassle-free. Our knowledgeable, friendly, and responsive team is ready to answer any questions if you need to chat. 


The Emerald Corp has built a reputation for transparency, third-party-tested, and premium white label CBD chocolate or private label CBD chocolate supplements. We are so proud to offer the best and most innovative and private label chocolate CBD supplements available today.

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Chocolate Bars, Chocolate Disc w/ Sprinkles, Chocolate Crunch, Chocolate Covered Peanuts, Chocolate Covered Almonds


Full Spectrum CBD, CBD Isolate, Delta 8, Delta 10, Magic Mushroom (THC-O+Lion's Mane Mushroom), Function Specific

84 reviews for Private Label CBD Chocolate

  1. Rachel D. (verified owner)

    I’m head over heels for the private label CBD chocolate from Emerald Corp. The smooth texture, the delicious taste – it’s just perfect. And their team was a joy to work with throughout the process.

  2. Gregory P. (verified owner)

    The private label CBD chocolate from Emerald Corp is a game-changer. Our customers can’t get enough of it. The service provided by the Emerald Corp team was equally impressive. Thank you! 🙌

  3. Maria S. (verified owner)

    Working with Emerald Corp for our private label CBD chocolate has been a delightful experience. The quality of the product is outstanding, and their professionalism is commendable.

  4. Chris B. (verified owner)

    Emerald Corp’s private label CBD chocolate has made our product lineup stand out. The quality, taste, and packaging are all top-tier. My customers love it, and so do we! 😍

  5. Leslie H. (verified owner)

    I’ve never been more satisfied with a product. The private label CBD chocolate from Emerald Corp is simply exquisite. Their team’s support and cooperation have made the process even more enjoyable. Thanks a lot!

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